Printed T-shirts and Plain T-shirts

At Brand Innovation we supply a great variety of printed or plain t-shirts in different styles, weights and captivating colours.

There are a couple of important aspects to take into consideration when ordering a t-shirt. Because there are so many different styles, weights and colours, everything might get confusing. Let us help you:

T-shirt Quality

The quality of a t-shirt depends on how much it weighs. Heavier t-shirts are seen as better quality t-shirts, because of it’s weight. The weight is determined by the thread count of the t-shirt, thus, the higher the thread count, the heavier the t-shirt and, finally, the better quality it is. This is why a heavier t-shirt is more expensive than a lighter t-shirt. Whether you choose light, in-between or heavy, we have all these options for you. Our lovely t-shirts are available in:

  • 145gsm
  • 165gsm
  • 180gsm

Navy T-Shirt

Our T-shirt Sizes

The size of a t-shirt is very important – and it is also the one aspect of ordering t-shirts that is most confusing. One has to remember that different brands have different size measurements. One brand’s small can be another brand’s large. That is why we base our t-shirts on standard European sizes. These are the most common sizes recognized in South Africa. Our wide range of sizes ensures that anyone, in any shape or size, can find the right fit.

Our sizes range from SMALL – XXXL

Captivating Colours

Choosing the right colour to best suit your company can take forever. Luckily at Brand Innovation we have a big selection of beautiful, eye-catching t-shirt colours. From basic neutrals to colourful brights – you will definitely find the perfect colour for your company with us. Our t-shirts are available in: White, black, navy, yellow, red, sky blue, emerald green, stone/ khaki, orange, lime green, grey mélange, royal blue and bottle green. If none of these cool colours tickle your fancy, then we are also able to supply you with other t-shirt colours on request.

T-Shirt Colours

T-Shirt Shrinking

No one likes it when new t-shirts shrink down from a medium to an extra-small after washing. With Brand Innovation t-shirts, that won’t be a problem. Our lovely t-shirts are made from a special cotton blend, that helps to combat shrinking.  It is inevitable that some t-shirts shrink to a certain extent after they’ve been washed for the first time, but our cotton blend is manufactured to minimize that effect. To keep your t-shirts in tip top shape, keep in mind the following:

  • When possible, do not put your t-shirts in the dryer
  • Wash your t-shirts in COLD water
  • Use a slow, delicate cycle on your washing machine

To give you a better idea of our fantastic t-shirts as a whole, here are some details about the different style t-shirts:


Light (145g) Short Sleeve T-shirt

A 145 gram, comfy fit t-shirt, ideal for the promotional clothing industry
Made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton
It’s light weight is also great for sports activities or working outdoors.
This light and lovely t-shirt is perfect for printing


Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, 2XLarge, 3XLarge

Heavy (180g) Short Sleeve T-shirt

A 180 gram comfy-fit t-shirt.
Made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton
Excellent quality for retail print designs
Ideal for the tourism industry.
Superior printability


Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, 2XLarge, 3XLarge

Junior (180g) Short Sleeve T-shirt

A 180 gram t-shirt for durability.
Ideal for schools or children’s organizations
This t-shirt can also be worn by ladies for a tighter fit.


2 – 3 yrs, 4 – 5 yrs, 5 – 6 yrs, 7 – 8 yrs, 9 – 10 yrs, 11 – 12 yrs, 13 – 14 yrs

Heavy (180g) Long Sleeve T-shirt

This t-shirt is the same as the heavy 180g short sleeve t-shirt, only with long sleeves and an open cuff.
Ideal for overseas tourists who don’t wish to burn in the African sun or anyone who wants to be warmer in cooler weather.
Perfect for printing


Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, 2XLarge, 3XLarge


With our amazing range of printed or plain t-shirts, you need look no further than Brand Innovation. Let us make the process of ordering t-shirts easier for you.  Why wait? Order your t-shirts TODAY!

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