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A branded promo t shirt is very important for your promotional staff. Printed T-shirts serve as an advertisement for your company, as well as a respectable uniform for your promo staff.

What are the benefits of providing promotional staff with printed T-shirts?

  • The branded T-shirts create brand awareness
  • The branding gives people information
  • Promo staff will look neat and respectable
  • T-shirts allow promotional staff to feel comfortable.

Promo t shirt South Africa

A branded T-shirt makes a great uniform for your promotional staff.

While your promo staff are promoting your company through promotional giveaways and interaction with consumers, the branded T-shirts that they are wearing will provide additional advertising. Your promotional staff will essentially become walking billboards for your company.

Branded T-shirts may advertise your company for you when the actual promotion event perhaps doesn’t.

For example, some passers-by may be in a rush and have no time to stop and listen to the promotion. However, these people are still likely to see your company name on the promo staff’s T-shirts as they are walking by, and your brand will be etched in their minds. This may inspire them to find out more about your company when they have the time.

Printed T-shirts can also give people a lot of information. You can have these T-shirts branded with any information that you would like consumers to know. So even when consumers aren’t approached by the promoters, these consumers will still be able to get information from the branded T-shirts.

Promotional staff will also look very neat and respectable in branded T-shirts.

This creates a good impression of your company. Promotional staff are essentially the representatives for your company. It is thus vital that you have them dressed in an attire that you are proud to associate with your business.

Providing your promotional staff with branded T-shirts will also show people that your company is making an effort, and they will appreciate this.

Finally, promotional staff will feel comfortable in their T-shirts. It is very important for these staff members to feel comfortable, as they are constantly moving around and interacting with consumers.

If they feel comfortable in what they are wearing, it will help to ensure that they focus all of their energy on promoting your brand, rather than worrying about their uncomfortable uniforms.

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