Printed T-Shirts

Printed t-shirts are a foolproof way to market your brand, business or idea.

What advertising is better than people bustling around in your branded t-shirts?

Promoting your brand and creating brand exposure just buy wearing a simple printed shirt.

Why do printed T-shirts work?

  • Most people wear clothes and therefore your branded shirts will always be in the public eye.
  • Whether it be in malls, gyms, on campuses etc.
  • People are normally curious. They want to know other people’s business.
  • And read other people’s shirts.

Printed T-Shirts

Today a lot of focus is already naturally drawn to clothing as the fashion industry booms.

This makes marketing with printed shirts even easier.

The public is already on what people are wearing. Now you just have to give them something to look at.

Brand Innovation is a leading t-shirt printer in South Africa. We supply right through Cape Town all the way to Johannesburg and further. Contact us at for more information or to place your orders now.

  • Minimum Order QTY: 100
  • T-shirt available in: 145g, 165g, 180g
  • 100% Cottone or other Materials available
  • Standar Promo shirt and Brand name Shirts like Hanes Available
  • Sizes: Small, Med, Large, XLarge – 3XLarge
  • Colours available:

Printed T-Shirts

Tips on a great marketing t-shirt:


  • It is really important to add the much needed contact information for your business or brands. People have to be able to contact you without a sweat if need be. Print those numbers, email addresses and website on your tees.


  • Lighten things up a bit with a touch of colour in the print or embroidery.
  • Or even a different shirt colour than the normal white, black and grey.
  • Even if your logo does not contain any colour, you can still choose a beautiful colour shirt.

Sense of Humour

  • A great (and appropriate) pun or joke is never frowned upon. Take Nando’s for example, they thrive on hilarious humour in their advertising campaigns.
  • And they work!
  • Add a little play of words or ambiguity if it pleases you.

Social Media

  • It could be beneficial to add some social media contact information on your shirt.
  • Interested passers-by and potential clients will be sure to check it out online.

So be smart, be logical, and use this amazing idea in your marketing campaign. The results might just be more than you expected.

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