Hanes is a responsible and reliable brand with a long and interesting history.

Update 2014: Unfortunately we no longer supply Hanes Clothing


Although the brand makes a variety of clothing and apparel, they are well-known for their T-shirt manufacturing. This can be attributed to the history of the brand, and how they indirectly pioneered the T-shirt that we know today.

The Hanes brand was established in 1901 by brothers John Wesley Hanes and Pleasant Hanes. It started out as a company that produced men’s underwear.

At that time, a one piece union suit was the norm for men’s under garments. When John Wesley Hanes developed a 2-piece underwear for men, the brand increased in prominence. This 2-piece underwear marks the birth of the T-shirt.

Although the T-shirt started out as a piece of underwear, the 1970s brought with it a change in fashion. The T-shirt started being worn on the outside. What’s more, it was discovered that these T-shirts were being screen printed for use as outerwear clothing.

The Hanes brand then figured that it would be a worthwhile business strategy to sell their T-shirts to screen printers for branding. To accommodate for the screen printing process, Hanes brought out a heavier weight T-shirt. This T-shirt became known as the “Beefy T”.

In 1989, Hanes signed the talented basketball player, Michael Jordan. This demonstrates that Hanes is a trusted brand.

Hanes aspires to provide you with great quality T-shirts and aim to meet high expectations. At the same time, they are constantly ensuring that their company stays green. They scrutinise their carbon emissions, energy use and water use, and aim to keep it as low as possible.

Fun Facts about Hanes:

  • They invented the T-shirt
  • They invented the sports bra
  • They were the first to advertise a bra on television
  • They developed tagless T-shirts and underwear
  • They are placed at number 141 in the USA for the top 500 green companies (according to Newsweek Magazine)

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