Using Branded Clothing as a Marketing Tool

Using Branded Clothing as a Marketing Tool is absolutely timeless. It has been tried and tested. And it works.

As a student in Cape Town, South Africa, I have witnessed the colossal impact of branded t-shirts as advertising ideas. I remember attending a career exhibition in my fourth year of university and how I was immediately drawn to the companies and groups who were wearing branded shirts and who looked great in them as a group. I realised that this was the benefit of branding a t-shirt and gifting or marketing it to a certain focus group or employees. It was about the company and it was a solution to a marketing question which delivered great benefits. The benefit of having clients and employees being constant promoters.

Branded clothing advertsing tshirts

The Benefits of Using Clothing as a Marketing Tool?

  • Live-Action

Marketing your printed t-shirt  or branded clothing to a chosen group and trusting them to advertise for you as a living advertisement is extra marketing you would have never gotten. It costs less than some other methods. Why spend money over the top with commercials when you can have it live-action? 

  • Overtime Pride

Give your employees branded t-shirts as a corporate gift. This way you also give away a sense of goodwill, making your employees proud to be working for you and above all, marketing your name and vision in their spare time.

  • Attracting Talent

Probably the most important goal of any advertising idea is to attract people. This is obvious. But by using a fresh, young shirt design, like done by the individuals at the career exhibition I attended, creates an opportunity for companies and businesses to scout talent for the future.

 So be smart, be logical, and use this gem of an idea as soon as possible. The results will be remarkable. We are just a click away. Contact us for quotes and orders for printed t-shirts all around South Africa at:

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