T-Shirt Printing in South Africa

There is no doubt in my mind that t-shirt printing is one of the most recognisable forms of advertising. Giorgio Armani once said, “I’ve always thought of the t-shirt as the Alpha and the Omega of the fashion alphabet”. If you are looking for the best company for t-shirt printing in South Africa, you have found it.

A sure fire way to market a brand, a company or an idea is to print it on an item of clothing. What can be better than people walking around cities like Cape Town or Johannesburg, where business is booming and people are bustling about, advertising for you by wearing a printed t-shirt? It is without a doubt going to rouse the interest of passersby.

The reason these branded t-shirts or other types of printed clothing make such a phenomenal marketing tool is that clothes are a fundamental aspect of everybody’s day. Everybody wears them. What makes it even better is that almost every single person in our society has some degree of curiosity when it comes to other peoples’ clothing. We tend to analyse and evaluate others’ choices when it comes to what they are wearing.

Everybody has caught themselves silently muttering “What are you wearing?” or “I need that shirt” when we have seen something that has caught our eye, am I right? This make branded t-shirts almost perfect when it comes to marketing products or corporate gifts. The focus has already been drawn to a t-shirt due to our inquisitiveness and now the only thing left, is to grab the innocent onlooker or potential client’s interest and keep it there.

What makes a great marketing t-shirt?

Being an admirer of beautiful things, modern art and pop culture, I like it when the following techniques and ideas are used when it comes to branded clothing:

  • Colour Me Crazy

It is always wise to lighten things up a bit on a t-shirt design. If your company’s logo or slogan does not contain any colours, why not add some somewhere on the t-shirt? Don’t get me wrong, we do not want it to look cheap, so a lot of colour is not necessary, but adding a dash of let’s say, lime green on a grey shirt, draws the eye and looks cool and classy.

T-Shirt Printing in South Africa

  • Be Pun-tastic…

A sense of humour is such a great way to get people to notice a brand. It makes us as consumers smile and leaves us thinking about the pun or joke for a while, connecting it with the brand or company and ensures a positive and lasting impression. The trick is to make people feel good and not to induce eye-rolling.

Printed Funny Shirt

  • Details, Details, Details

Remember to always print your t-shirts with a contact number, e-mail address or website. I cannot begin to explain the importance of these details. You want us to use your services or buy your products, then give us the means to get into contact with you.

Detailed Printed Shirts

  • Scan me!

Another fun, fast and easy way to get the public involved with your brand is by printing your company’s unique QR-code on the t-shirts. Just a quick scan with a smart phone and Bob’s your uncle.

The best thing about marketing t-shirts is that you always get value for your money; well-made fabric and amazing sewing skills are available at reasonable prices and makes t-shirt printing even possible for businesses with small budgets. When it comes to marketing and advertising we look for uniqueness, cost effectiveness and exposure. Printed t-shirts fulfil these requirements like nothing else. Make everybody your company/brand’s live, walking and talking billboard.

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