Event T-shirts

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A  t-shirt with your company logo, is the perfect way to ensure your company and brand stays in the spotlight – and what better place to showcase your t-shirts than events!

Brand Innovation supplies event t-shirts for any event or conference.

Navy t shirt Design

It is always great to see employees wear their branded t-shirts at events or conferences. Not only does it show support for your company, it makes everyone look unified and proud. A beautiful t-shirt with a lovely logo will make sure your company or group stands out in any crowd!

A branded event t-shirt is like having your cake and eating it too. Not only does it promote your business or company, it also promotes the event you are attending. If it is for a charity event, there is no better way to promote your cause, then wearing it – and better yet, wearing it good.

Another great idea is to play big-hearted Billy, and give some of your branded t-shirts away at these events or conferences. People take kindly to sweet gestures, and let’s be honest – who doesn’t like a free t-shirt? A good quality t-shirt can be worn over and again. At different events, shopping malls or even in the middle of a messy mosh-pit at a rock concert. This ensures maximum exposure for your company in a whole scope of different fields.

Brand Innovation has a wide range of captivating colours, so you can choose the colour that best suits your company. Brand Innovation also offers you a choice of printed logos on your event t-shirts or embroidery.

A good quality event t-shirt can make the world of difference. We supply top quality t-shirts in your choice of 145gsm, 165gsm or 180gsm – all subject to price. The higher the thread count, the more you pay.

Brand Innovation promises a fast, friendly and reliable service. We will make sure you and your brand stand out in a crowd in your Brand Innovation event t-shirts.

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