T Shirt Printing and T-Shirt Design

T Shirt Printing and T-Shirt Design

We supply a variety of different t-shirt styles, colours and weights.

T-shirt Quality

The quality of a t-shirt depends on the thread count of the article. This is why a heavier shirt costs more than a light t-shirt. Our t-shirts are available in 145gsm, 165gsm and 180gsm.

Navy T-Shirt

T-shirt Sizes

Shirt sizes differ greatly from brand to brand. Our t-shirts are based on European standard sizes, which are recognized in South Africa. Sizes range from S – XXXL

T-shirt Colours

We have a vibrant selection of t-shirt colours available. Our basic shirt colours include the following: white t-shirt, black t-shirt, navy blue t-shirt, yellow t-shirt, red t-shirt, sky blue t-shirt, emerald green t-shirt, stone/ khaki t-shirt, orange t-shirt, lime green t-shirt, grey mélange t-shirt, royal blue t-shirt and bottle green t-shirt. We are able to supply you with other colours.

T-Shirt Colours


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