Printed T-Shirts South Africa

Printed T-Shirts South Africa

Printed T-Shirt Suppliers in South Africa – We supply printed t-shirts throughout South Africa. We supply and brand these great t-shirts with a print of your company logo or design. We’ll take your ideas and turn them into a fantastic T-shirt that you will be proud to own. We deliver printed t-shirts door to door to any address in South Africa.

T-Shirt Quality

Before we print your t-shirts, you need to choose which t-shirt you require. Our t-shirts are good quality shirts. We have different t-shirts weights available. Please advise if you require a 145g or 180g t-shirt.

T-shirt Sizes

Our t-shirts are based on standard sizes ranging from S – XXXL. Please advise what sizes you require for your t-shirt order.

T-shirt Colours

We have a vibrant selection of t-shirt colours available. Our basic shirt colours include the following: white t-shirt, black t-shirt, navy blue t-shirt, yellow t-shirt, red t-shirt, sky blue t-shirt, emerald green t-shirt, stone/ khaki t-shirt, orange t-shirt, lime green t-shirt, grey mélange t-shirt, royal blue t-shirt and bottle green t-shirt. We are able to supply you with these t-shirt colours.

T-Shirt Colours


To order your printed t-shirts please email us at

We look forward to supplying you with your printed t-shirts.

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